Apr 23, 2017


Today Corey chats with his old pal Bloo Eyed Spazz! She is an artist and cosplayer so we talk about those things! We also talk about the challenge of selling stuff at comic cons as well as her award winning Beetlejuice web comic Ghost With The Most! Enjoy it!


Apr 16, 2017

A.P. Fuchs

   Today Corey talks to author A.P.FUCHS! A.P. is the writer and creator of the Axiom Man series as well as literally dozens of other books! We discuss his ongoing Kickstarter campaign to fund the latest Axiom Man adventure, as well as his influences and writing approach! Also Corey disusses the Netflix show 13 Reasons Why and how he can't get it off his mind! Check out the Kickstarter for Axiom Man/Aurora Man here...https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/758093623/the-adventures-of-auroraman-1-and-axiom-man-team-u?ref=nav_search


Apr 9, 2017

Jamal Igle

This week Corey is joined by superstar artist JAMAL IGLE! Jamal is the artist for Black and the creator of Molly Danger. He has also worked on DC Comics Supergirl, Green Lantern, and Firestorm! He also worked on one of my favorite Marvel comics The New Warriors. We discuss his career as well as his love of Superman and how great the first Superman movie is! (I apologize for the audio)


Apr 2, 2017

Pete Mitchell

     This week Corey is joined by No More Kings frontman PETE MITCHELL! They talk about how awesome the 80's were,Richard Simmons,Kristen Bell,music,art and the struggles of creating. Also we get to hear music from No More Kings and Pete's solo album Diamondhead! Visit Pete's website daspetey.com and support his great work!


Mar 26, 2017

Martha Schwartz

  This episode we talk to Seed Seekers creator MARTHA SCHWARTZ! We discuss her Kick Starter campaign to fund Seed Seekers as well as her love of Archie comics, her shoe business,Disney and a whole lot of other stuff! Enjoy the show!


Jul 27, 2014

Tim Vargulish

  This week Corey talks to TIM VARGULISH! Tim is a syand up comic and also writes and draws that spectatular comic Goatman! They talk about how Tim was a late comer to reading comics due to geography,How Hellboy influenced his art and writing,his favorite comic store,his move to L.A. and a whole lot more! Plus Corey tells you about his current favorite comic book series!  So strap on your horns and hold on!


Jul 19, 2014

Corey Olmsted

This week Corey is joined by his namesake COREY OLMSTEAD! Corey is a talented comic creator from Maine who is really busy at the moment! They talk about that as well as Corey's Disney influence,how Jeff Pert reacted to him doing a lobster comic and the genesis of Bad Buoys! Feel free to come aboard and enjoy the episode!


Jul 13, 2014

Bob Ulrich

 *UPDATED Audio problems have been fixed* After a 1 week hiatus Corey is back! This week he talks to BOB ULRICH! They chat about Bob's experiences working in a comic shop,his transition from photography to illustration,his earliest comic book memory, his contribution to AP&P comics as well as what he has coming out in the near future! Also Corey shares his own disturbing story of working in a comic shop....cover your ears kids!


Jun 27, 2014

Jay Piscopo

This week Corey talks to Capt'n Eli writer/artist JAY PISCOPO!  We talk growing up in the 70's, the lack of family friendly comics in the market,his Moonstone Comics work and of course Captain Eli! The comic and the soda! That's right I said soda! So grab your bottle opener and flip the top off this delicious episode!


Jun 19, 2014

Kevin Johnson Pt.2

In the exciting 25th Episode Corey wraps up his interview with KEVIN JOHNSON by talking about how his love of Scrubs got him into a New York Times bestselling anthology, his thoughts on the saturation of comic book themed movies in the market,why DC comics should stick to television, whatever happened to Malibu Comics and a ton of other things! Kick back and enjoy the show!


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